Waking before 7 this morning. Espresso to start,

no coffee in house.  Noticed she gave me two Barberas last night rather than Grenache.  No matter.  Newness, remember.  Outside familiar zone and new varietal to study.

May go get a coffee.  Espresso won’t be enough and this early I need something to sip, something that will last a little longer than this double I made.

Still waking.  Rubbing eyes, and already thinking about next week.  Hoping that contract and one other lands.  And honestly, then, I’d call it good for the month.

While on the Unti property yesterday I saw this absolutely biblical flock of swallows, or sparrows.  Can’t remember.  Their moment over the vineyard and upper-valley had me locked in place, paying more attention to them than Mick Unti in his presentation and amazing stories of wine and growing, how the winery was started, his travels.  This flock, or legion, or shape-morphing cloud of wings and chirps just kept moving.  I know, obvious message, but it still stands in my thinking.  Me standing there turning around and looking over the fence and seeing them.  I noticed missed beats in my chest, like my heart was trying to tell me something.  Chase that, chase that…. Like a dimension and diagram of happiness that I’ve never tasted before.

So now I know.  It’s definitely wine I’m writing, and for the remainder of my time standing, breathing, being around family.  Had been years I think since we all got together and tasted.  Of corset his time for Katie’s 40th, but there was something else there.  Katie telling me about a new project for which she did not prospect.  Interesting…. I ran a couple ideas by her on winemaking and branding and distribution, how I’m not “a 3-tier guy” and she saying that I have to go through a distributor to get on a restaurant list – and that being another point, that since the pandemic restaurant inventory’s not really moving, but that’s another topic…. I told Katie I know, don’t want my wine on the shelf at Safeway, or CVS, or even Oliver’s, or K&L.  I want it person to person.  She understood, and we kept the ball of ideas synching there in the vineyard just past the tasting area, in front of her Jeep.

So this is it, saying here on the couch downstairs at 7:28am…..  I’m making wine.  I’m starting a label.  Okay… now what.  Money, I guess.  How much cash do I have in the safe?  Not sure.. counted one envelope yesterday, about $168 I think.  Was meant to be my budget for yesterday’s trip, but went well over.  Would I want a Barbera on my flight?

Emma comes down the starts, leans over and says “Hi Dada… are you watching the news?” I smile and tell her no, that I’m doing a little work, and if she wants to join me.  Something I’m sure I’ll ask when we open.  She sits next to me and wants to watch a cartoon.  I feel the espresso invade veins, the day starts.  Ready for work, starting this new, or renewed, thing.