only wine

Pouring wine, at some event out of state, whenever this pandemic thing ends.  For the time thought, just write about it.  People asking their questions, some basic then some from people either int he industry or who’ve read a bit about wine and winemaking, maybe some who even produce small batches or vats in their garage.  Wine is all I’m thinking about, making it mostly.  Odd… tried a couple times before and turned out well.  But haven’t since then, 2012.  What will the yields be like this year… cool outside now, everything still dormant.  

Wine study, exploration, learning more about her life, how she forms and the myriad of variables and inexplicable shifts in development.  I always come back to her, wine.. the vineyard… those walks, the tasting rooms, the people visiting, the Roth and Lancaster caves, my friend Taryn and how we’d always dance in the tasting room.  Why do I keep taking tangential tributaries?  Everything is fine, I’m in my story, the wine pages, the two-page papers project I’m to tonight ignite.

Budgeting some of what I pulled from safe for Unti visit.  Can’t remember their wines that well.  There was that Rosé I had, magnum …