Telling myself over and over that I WILL be at this desk tonight.  Nothing else.  I again think of pulling an all-nighter like I did in college a couple times….  A few times actually, and I always think of when I wrote that 12-page paper till 4-something in the morning.  I did get some sleep but only to have to be in class at 9-something if I remember right.

Neighbor either mowing lawn or doing something with a generator… power washing?  No idea, but it’s loud and annoying, and makes me even more want our own isolated property.  Somewhere in Sonoma Valley I’ve lately been thinking.  No one around for at a minimum of 100 yards, or more.  Vineyard… doing private tastings in a little tasting room, invite only.  Know these thoughts will surround and set me there when in Dry Creek today.

Just got off a call with an insurance guy, owning his own business for a couple years now.  Wants me to consider his leads group, said I would visit, maybe.  One thing he said though hit me in a corner of mind where needed, that we’re always independent in business, when selling.