Stomach a little uneasy this morning.  Not sure why.  Probably shouldn’t be sipping this espresso, but oh well.  Need the caffeine and early start.

Jack having something to do today, and that leaves me with a canvas.  So what, where….  Somewhere quiet.  Okay, where.  The Sonic office?  No.  Maybe just stay here, write in office or upstairs somewhere.

Looking around for old wine pics on this laptop, and find one I remember seeing the other day.  Meant to post it but I don’t think I did.  Wine does that to me, makes me forget… takes me on tangents and fantasies of scenes like those Mick narrated yesterday… having lunch in Italy in some small village, having some Vermentino then walking around till dinner where you taste through more bottles and meet more people, hear more stories, then me going back to my hotel or room in some home and writing – maybe even an espresso at 11-something pm.

Looking at Emma, thinking about my life’s work and wine, a business, the winery.. how I get there, she and her brothers seeing me like this.  Writing, creating, taking notes, reading… designing and settling on the architecture of my own happiness…