Last day of January… any chance I can get a sale today? Maybe?

No.  Oh well.  Push the month behind me.  Write today, all day.  Forgot to transfer some writing from phone while watching Henry upstair and changing his diaper, listening to salsa – track from the Chef movie soundtrack – and laughing together, filming a bit of it but not much.

Tomorrow the new month starts.  Vowing to be on phone all day.  I have to.  And go for a drive in territory close by, if I can.

Caught up on budgeting and updating wakeup journal.  Not sure why I’m so obsessive with it.  Not really doing what it’s meant to which is make me reflect on when I wake and urge me to wake earlier, write or run or ideally both.

Promised kids hot chocolates, get in a second.  For a minute there forgot I’m teaching a class this semester.  Feel like I do in that dream where I have a math class I’ve forgotten about and know I have to go back and wonder how much I’ve missed and think if there’s any possible way I could be passing when I know so fucking well there’s not.

Emma and Jack down here with me, playing games and talking to each other.  No gun battles yet.  My aim for the day is inventory everything I do, from waking at 7:50-something as I did, brushing teeth, making coffee, to catching up on WUJ (wakeup journal) and budgeting to typing this.  Where you are and what you’re doing – magic of the meta and it’s so magical…..

Then an idea hits me, about journaling, and writing, and how it should be free as I always offer but uniquely contained. In our visits and consistent with our wishes, making wishes not what they are but possibilities attainable.