Jackie asking me what I would do with a million dollars.

Then he demanded I tell him my vision for 100 dollars, what I would do and why.

Then he farted

“Aw yeah…. That was a carbon dioxide fart… felt so good….” He said.

I couldn’t stop laughing, but then wondered about his question.  Testing self, and budgeting $100 for day.  Told Jack I would use $20 for lunch, and invest the rest.  Still thinking about it.  One hundred dollars, and that’s all I have.  Hmmm……

Jack in office with me now, and singing some song, not sure what.  Want music now.  LoFi, my mood.  So……. First track.  Orange, by SINY.  Heard that too many times, next track.   Something I’ve never heard.  All comedy aside, there’s a project today, leading into work week.  How I prospect, how to not take it so seriously.  Yes I want to sell, as I’m paid quite well when I do and those commission checks get pretty addictive.

Then I see it… being an AE for….. EVERYTHING.  For right now, this sitting, this minute, today.  ‘13121’,project name.  Writing in journal, declaring it real.  Not sure what the project entails, and why do I have to, now anyway.

Emma and Jack yelling instructions back and forth, one room to another.   I laugh again.

Find an old project list.  Ideas I’ve abandoned, or forgot about.  Re-titling it, adding 13121 to it.  This track, Painting My Thoughts by Obie Hans putting me in more a mood for poems and seeing the day as something for next week which I should not taking sales so seriously but having more fun with it and making prospecting the intention of it all.  Forget the sale I say to myself.  Comedy… humor.  Selling Enterprise-grade anything during a global pandemic is humorous.  It can be done, as I showed last year, but you can’t stress too much or you’ll break.

I just think of Jackie’s fart commentary, now and tomorrow morning when I start the week.  Generating leads, my own, from play in prospecting practice, laughing, finding humor, enjoying myself.

Another project added to list… ‘my mike psych’ I call it.  About mood and attitude, for sales and other walks.  $100/day, this day, a project.  Should go to ATM, get cash. Write ‘bout the drive, my thoughts during, whatever music I listen to.

Quiet in house.  Forgot Jackie is on the couch here in the office.  LoFi tracks continuing, what humor in this…. Is that this is always attainable, why do I ever let myself think it’s not?  Whenever I get in those funks, or stalls, muddy ebbs, why?  Who knows.  I have now, and now’s what I amplify and accentuate.

13121 – now where I am what I’m thinking and the music I’m listening to, what I want from the day.  The immediate pulse and beat, the priority, possibility and light.

Have to go move laundry from washer to dryer.  Hate laundry.  I mean, I hate it.  Everything about it.  But it needs to be done.  Hmmm…. Metaphor?  Project? Or, just fucking laundry.