Thinking about wine, of course.

No surprise.  But what.  Making wine.  I’ve been saying this since 2012.  Now the 1 and 2 are flipped, and I should go back.  Just make wine however and wherever.  Seeing wine in everything, literally.  In the vertical focus on construction for my AE life, to my kids and imagining them in the store or on a crush pad…. Taking more notes.  The SB I opened last night, then the Cab fro Robert Craig.

Want to thief from barrels, pull samples and blend on a bench.  Obsess over labels, travel and speak about the wines.  I’ve said all this before and maybe it’s the lack of sleep because of the winds last night, but this morning I’m more centered and intense… thinking of what I want my life’s work to be, how the kids should fit into it – or not fit but be instrumental, placed and present, involved.  Speaking their own speak of the wine’s speak, and if not the wine then our family’s story.