With the hefty quota in front of me,

and over 300 days to meet it, I’m centering again on my ABC vertical.  Really, more Construction than anything else.  Communicating that I’m the Construction contact in the Enterprise division.

Didn’t sleep well last night from the wind, but I’m moving quite quick after coffee and this simplification in my daily operation.

First full work day at the new desk, with both laptops atop.  Retreating to ’48 journal for notes in a second.  Emmie upstairs on her zoom class call, not sure what Jack is doing.  Just heard him say he needs to get ready for his next call.

Building something today, something new.  From the foundation and upward.  Nearing 11 o’clock, hear more wind.  Do I run today, do the 3-4 mile short I thought of?  Not decided yet.  This morning has me riled, eager and hungry to build this new idea of the Construction focus.  Over 300 days…