10:59 writing break.

Just sent Tom the letter.  Need to write more poetry, be seen more as a poet and less a convention prose monkey.

Prospecting furiously this morning after my run, and me laying down for like 12 minutes or so before the kids woke which was all I needed.  I’m definitely with fire today, with a boost of self decided acumen.

Mythic, this morning in those streets.  Definitely sore in lower back, but do plan on returning tomorrow morning.  Hoping to go the full hour.  May not launch as early, see how I feel.

This desk a mess again, but I’m not fighting it.  Rather using it as a topic… a song.  The espresso cup, the latte cup, folded paper towel, 1948 journal Dad gave me.  Wines behind me…. Will finish the Cab I opened last night from Napa.  People always speak of Cabernets in one way.  What was in that bottle combatted such preconceived strut.  That’s the Cabernet I see myself making eventually.  And if not make, then sell.  No I don’t want them all to taste the same but rather speak in uniqueness, in distinct language and identity.

Nearly noon.  Think about prospecting, looking for new business, creatively.  Just say hi, yeah I know.

Conversation with self, hoping to unearth something.  Either about wine, the kids and being a parent, running and writing, all of it.  EVERYTHING.