Chair. Odd day.

Random tumors singing.  Tomorrow morning making self wake so early it’ll hurt – at least it’l change the chime of the chorus, story.  7:34, kids in office with me playing some game, me irritated by day.  People telling m to calm down, and I’m trying.  But.. the world is what it is.  And I think about it, and the people in it, the kids, the wine, the wheat thins I’m eating rather than that repugnant Hello Fresh nonsense I’ve pretended to like for who knows how long.

No, I’m not in any mood.  I’m only inclined to truth-tell right now with the loudest of bellowing bells.  Kids continue in their play, not stressing about a thing.  Wine shipment arriving today.  What do I open, if anything.  I’m supposed to run early, so maybe I should just brush teeth and go to bed.  Maybe some of the Cab… which one.  The Robert Craig?  What else did I order.  No idea, right now.  Such a weird day.. getting tired of the mirror, the repeat, the reverb, the chorus.  Nothing bothers them, the big kids.  Jack and Emma go back and forth with verbal drama, and then settle.