And the day slowing, but not me.

Though, I am fighting the slowness and petit exhaustion from the before-5 wake.  Jack playing, Melissa at doctor with the littlest Madigans.

Submitted some pricing to a prospect, set two appointments and signed up for another networking event.  Espresso in cup.  May have to go for another shot after this one.  Tomorrow’s run, during day, maybe a lunch run of my usual course.  Coffey north and into vineyard, then down Hopper—  You know what, no more planning routes.  Done.

Need to write Karl later.  Over wine tonight, possibly.  That Cabernet from Napa… can’t get it out of. My thinking, the image of the small glass next tot the candle.  Owning my wine shop… how do I speed up the Road, my vehicle’s acceleration.

Now I feel this morning and the tired web and claw into touchy and timid armor.  I escape it though, with the vineyard walks, all the pictures I’ve taken over years and years of wine life saved on this laptop.  Hard to hold concentration because of how tired I’ve just now become.  Hard to fight off, even with the wine thoughts.

Sip espresso….  Gone.  Will need another.  Isolating monies for the blog, selling wine through it, but at first becoming a resource for readers.  A place to share ideas.  Isn’t that in the heading of the vinovinevin blog anyway?

The $300 I would have lost to Melissa had I not risen to run this morning, devoted to the shop.  Taste wines, research them, write about each bottle like I have but not with the consistency and reliability I ought.  Changing now, avowed.  Still have that case saved on the Wallstreet journal site.  Hold off on it for a bit.  Get through these six first.  Will write on that envelope which actually has $308 in it, “VVV”.