Will start calling at 9, exactly.  8:40 now.  Use time before to collect, gather.  Decided points to hit in call, which are NONE.  Say hi, tell people about the network, and then just see what they have to say.

Woke tremendously early this morning, and thought about, well, everything.  My entire life.  Past moments, how I arrived where I am, and what I can do with what I have…

Look for more businesses, play with the idea of business and the types of businesses out there when searching.  I’m convinced it’s only a matter or how much you throw out there in terms of conversation invites.  Still can’t go out and canvass, hit doors as they say, and that’s probably for the better with the covid counts being what they are.

Jack asks for help, I help him with a math probable which is silly thinking about how terrible I am with math, but I showed him how I figured it out.  Taking that action and applying here, deconstructing and understanding what will produce, what will bring conversations about.

Notebook open, noting everything.  Just wrote something down, then something else.  NOTES.

Friend of mine leaving the company.  Just sent an addendum in, which is nothing impressive, and set an appointment with a small, small business.  All I can get right now, I told me SE.  “All good”, he responded.  No it’s not.  My quota has gone up significantly.  So my efforts need to as well, in several ways.

11:24.  Lunch.  Why am I thinking of it already.  Write through the feeling and urge to take a break.  Was hanging out with/holding little Henry for the better part of 30 minutes.  Quiet, for a Monday.  Or any day, whatever day, whatever time of year. 

Use the quiet.  All of it.