Woke early in the 6am hour, could hear Jack upstairs.

Me though, going back to sleep.

Budgeting and getting ready for week.

This week, you already know my plan.  Think I’ve written and posted it here far too many times. But if not, CONVERSATIONS.  That’s all I’m looking for.

Caddis Cabernet last night, I mean Zin, and the rest of the J Pinot G.  The six bottles I ordered from K&L, who knows when they’ll get here.  The Zin last night relaxed me, I have to say.  Made me not think about wine so much and not try to think like a wine-anything, not even a writer but just a person delighting in wine.  “Delighting in wine”, sound stuffy.  Just someone having a glass at the end of the day.

Kids upstairs fighting and Henry groaning and voicing objection to not being fed and probably the noise around him.  Feel like the kids with my own thoughts, and Henry not being fed what he wants.  So, then as an adult and writer dependent upon ideas and subject, feed self I yell inwardly so no one hears.   The wine story on hold but it doesn’t have to be.  Why would I think it is.  When I first opened eyes this morning I remember thinking of the wine shop, and harvest, all my wine days from St. Francis to helping out at Hook & Ladder that one day.  To K&L and how Mom and Dad used to bring me or both me & Katie there…. Katie a winemaker, Mom and Dad in Oregon now and Mom telling me she has some wines to share with me from some producer up there.


On a billboard in my head.  Write only that.  Or rather, write from wine, even when writing about being an AE.  

9:41am…. That’s it?  Thought it was later than that.  Probably a stemming from yesterday where the hours seemed to not even much exist.  No exaggeration, before I could even understand what was happening with time yesterday the clock snarled 4:50-something.