2:37pm And like that, silence.

Family out for a walk, no emails or messages, anything from work.  Looking at IT vendors and consultants as I often do in the latter part of the day.  Keep thinking about the run, how I actually did it, the route I am in no way fond of.  Barnes made me quite nervous, honestly.  Most of the cars were respectful, but there were a couple that barely moved.  Don’t think I’ll be doing that route for a while. I’ve said that before though.

Well… it has been a while.  Maybe do this route every so often.

And the post-run tired sets.  Hven’t had anything to eat today.  Not that I’m intentionally fasting, just not hungry.

Hear Jack.  Kids back home.  Quick FaceTime with Mom and Dad, then maybe a shower… more coffee.  Or a beer.