Will send day summary tomorrow.  Ordered pizza for Emma’s birthday, as per her gentle request saying “Pizza please, Dada..” I asked her and she was quick in her response, like she knew the question was coming since she woke up and was just waiting to shoot it at me like a bullet from a western revolver in a duel or shootout.

Birthday girl walks in here looking for a remote to a remotely controlled car, hers.  She asks me where it is and I tell her I have no idea.. then she runs in here like a cheetah saying she found it but it’s under the TV cabinet and Jack needs to use his longer arms to get it.  “WE FOUND IT!!” repeated twice, by both kids.  And again.  They go outside to have a race or some competition or sparring match with the two cars.

This office area has to be cleared, but not stressing about it.  One thing at a time, same way Tom the other night said to the students, get to one corner, then the next, then another, and soon you’ll be further than you thought you’d get.

4:31, calling the day.  Jack asks me how he opens the bottom lid on the car, so he can charge it.  I tell him I don’t know but he partially interrupts me and tells me he’s got it.

Then I feel drained.  Not sure if it’s the run, or nearly nothing on deck in terms of sales conversions.  Just blank.  Then I enliven hearing little Emma’s voice outside.  She’s 5 now.  How.

I need work quicker, and follow through with what I said to myself in the shower, “Bottledaux is the bullseye.” Thought something similar to that before, but never in these words, with this timing.  In today’s fantasy, the office is in Sausalito.  Right on the water, near that restaurant I love.  Not sure it’s in business anymore but if not there’s one that took its place.