Rain. Garbage truck.

Text from student wondering where she is grade-wise.  Slept in a bit but that didn’t stop me.  Can’t afford to allow it to stop me.  Why would it.  Coffee made las tnight.  Student texts me back thanking me, tell her I do my best.  The day is quick, but I’m maybe not quicker but with voice, I’m actual and tangible not conceptual like the clock.  We stress so much about time and how it passes but we subscribe to that idea, that acceptance, that ride.


More coffee in a second, and more calls.  Going to call design firms, commercial builders, construction entities… anymore I’m thinking I don’t have a “vertical”.  I’m a beat, right?  So singular location does’t suit…. More notes, less sentences.

Distracted by incoming message.  Tend to, then move on.  Still need more coffee.  And work on the couch.  This goddamn table/wanna-be desk has cut away my last nerve.

Have to prep for my only call of the day.  Not sure we’ll get this guy, but who knows…. Email coming in and I respond quick as it seems the prospect wants to sign quick, quicker… still waiting on the other two leads one to whom I sent contract yesterday.  Sakes isn’t sales, it’s writing.  And, free writing.  Freely communicating.

15-minute reminder on phone goes off.  Have to charge this laptop.  Rain still playing, but I can’t hear it from here.  Coffee.  COFFEE.  I keep forgetting.


That nearly never happens.  It’s the distraction, this small-ass desk that’s NOT a desk.  No nerves left.  Another cup will reconstruct.

Call went well.  Now a writing break.  Rain still.  Have to write students.  Do I?  Why not just ‘See you all on the blog tonight!’ Something like that.  Can’t spend too much time on any one run.  Understanding this finally at my old age.  Coffee done already, much to credit for the good call just a minute ago. I was ready and not worried, and why should I be the coffee said.  It’s over the phone.