5:03pm EOD sent and done for day.  Both laptops open and needed, used, Henry in bed next to me still with his sniffles, but then he makes a cute sound so I don’t really know how he’s doing.  Guess well, right?  He’s not crying.  That’s good, when these babies don’t cry.  That I’ve learned.

Jackie home, and bing silly, distracting me from what I’m trying to do and I’m not sure what that is after such a motion-meant Monday.

Neighbor pulls up to her house, people coming home. Where do they work I wonder and I guess I should know being there neighbor but don’t care that much, maybe.  Except when I mention it here in journal, on page.   Know one of them, the crazier one, is a counselor at the JC.  One’s a guard at San Quinten.  And .. yeah I’m already bored.

Sipping a beer because 5.  Jack now threatens to shoot me with a Nerf gun.