3.1-mile run. Will do 4 tomorrow, then 5, 6, 7…

Starting new New with running, just as I am with looking for new business.  Have appointment tomorrow which I set, sending wines to a partner – the one responsible for the connection – and so many other possibilities in my agency.  Bottledaux, starting to take even more shape… wrote down project.  Almost wrote it here, but not.  Keeping to self for time being.

Quiet house. Coffee.  Maybe having one more cup after this, for meeting.

Battery running out.  Turning on music – OH SHIT, I say to myself, PLUG IT IN!

Done.  The run today, around the park, definite Fall feel to air.

Responded to student text about grades, now an email comes in.  What if I could keep this pace and movement culture going till 12am, or more realistically 11 or 11:30?  Why not just do so, I ask self.

This is all stemming from the attitude I chose for day, not letting any nihilistic branches extend into my air and where, my paper’s fare.