Flight Knock

Next week.  Starting now.  Jack done with breakfast, I tell him we need to brush our teeth soon.  Emma awake and getting ready with MAF.  Sipping coffee, flight plan already sent to director.  Not that I need to do that, just a way of keeping self accountable and in some system, practice.

Heater coming on, cold outside and a bit in house.  Jackie telling me that he’s cold I recommend the jacket hanging from hooks he agrees.  Just went in to look for something in living room and he’s writing, just as he was yesterday.  “Are you writing, Dada?” He asks.  I tell him not yet.  He goes back to his page, typing as fast as he can reporting where he is and what he’s doing.

When back, reports, budget, calling on a prospect in SF that I’m pretty sure won’t sign with me but it’ll be good to just lose him and move on. Need call confirmation, first.  Going to hold off on Berkeley prospect and the BMK office as well.  Just for a bit.

Emma in a pleasant disposition I can hear.  Want to go see little Henry, sleeping still but want to see him.  Me as well, pleasant more or less this morning.  Refusing the Monday concept, and negating perceptions of a week, Monday vs. Friday vs. whatever day.  Wanted to run this morning in Oakmont, but too cold.  Where once I thought I was going to make lunch runs illegal now I see it more advantageously instrumental to make it my running law.

Latte or no this morning…. Thinking yes. No particular reason other than I want one.  The week is starting today, and I’m doing all do’s to make the Newness more new and more elevating, more encouraging.  Bottledaux and its P-O-Z Agency, moving quickly and finding the conversations needed.  READY, and immune to anyone that make try to dilute my decision.