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Now, back to prospecting, looking at businesses in the city.  Oh shit, I forgot to order the wine for my vendors.  Will do tomorrow, first thing.  Promised.  Not sure how I forgot to do that, but…..

Coffee nearly done, my expected after lunch cup.  Need another.  Thinking about going to Starbucks actually, getting an iced coffee but I won’t.  How much are one of those, like $3, 4?  I’ll say four, transfer that amount into startup account.  Also how much I would have spent at Bottle Barn.  Budgeted $180 for a wine run.  Pulled into parking lot, thought, then left, went and got lunch.  What made me leave, not sure but thinking about $180 toward my business was far more a tempt than some new wine to taste or even write about.

That, was unexpected.  Maybe I’m finally changing as a character.  More coffee, move money… the P-O-Z Agency and Bottledaux, singing to me.

Kids upstairs, I think watching a cartoon, Henry in other room.  Me here in office with open blinds.  Already starting to get dark, and this room is for sure with a night feel if the blinds are tight.