Latte. Line was incredibly long and not moving for a time of 15 minutes, I think at one point.

Spoke some words that were automatically typed into phone.  See if I can make an essay out of that later.  Why do I keep doing that?  Why don’t I just get a fucking espresso machine?  Get some whip cream  and cinnamon and make the same thing I order, here.  And at least I know I won’t get it wrong.  Did they get it wrong?  Oh my Jesus, yes.  Triple, not a quad.  Those ill-breeding joitheads.  Let it go, Mikey.  One voice saying to me, then I tell it to pour itself a glass of fish hooks.  I’m in a mood now, because of those fools.  Control, detach…. Something I read recently.

Shut up, just let me be morning-mad for a second.

Got back to French last night, for a bit.  Didn’t get as much done as I wanted, but I did some.  That’s what matters.  Want to order my lattes in French when back in Paris, in my apartment, taking a break from whatever book.

8:57am.  Who do I start calling.  The marketing firms?  Or how bout some old leads in Salesforce?  The ones I inherited from the AE they fired at the beginning of the year.  Could do that.  Remembering to make this more about me.  Be selfish, so selfish.  If you’re not, you don’t eat.  Your kids don’t eat, let that settle and simmer and STING.

Journal on lap.  Making secret notes, to self, or maybe just to the journal itself like Ann Frank.  I need more secrets, I don’t have many because of my writing “style” being so HERE-IT-IS.

There, scribbled a bit.  Not so much any secrets, but aims for day, for tomorrow morning. Slept in a bit this morning, oh well I think…. Time to make calls, email, look around at businesses.  Wrote new type of business I want to look for.  Sure it exists, just never looked for it before.