8:29pm. Couldn’t interact with 7pm section very much,

watching Henry.  Did the best I could.  Told them in one of my few posts that I would write them tomorrow.  Will need coffee for that I realized so I just went to the Walgreen’s down the street and bought two 10-packs of k-cup.  The regular medium roast and then French. Soon as home poured self another Govino-full of the blend.  Indie-something, it’s called.  I’ll go look in a bit.  Hoping to go to bed early, wake and write.  Make coffee tonight and—  The blend has a little more weight than I thought it did in the beginning.  Wine…. You tease.  You always bring me back.  So many times I’ve tried to break up with you, and you’ve pulled me from one project and another, the same way Henry did tonight with the 7pm.  Thankful for the tangents and diversions and odd inversion of oenological maps and manuscripts.

Stop for a second to look through old pictures.  Will do a word count for day in a minute…. STOP USING ELLIPSIS.  Don’t see myself making a wine like this, not even that intent on studying its outline and language tonight.  Just want to play with it, with her, her paragraphs and ballet, jazz, now.  Room to room, follow her in a na out of triangulated logic and postulations.  Getting romantic and romanced by the gusts from the puddle.  Still though….. new thoughts.  New Roads and verses.  

Wine.  Return always.