Act out of character and not answer to compulsion.  Not ignoring it, just plainly denying it any life or forward.  Prospecting and looking for new partnerships as meeting comes closer.

3:50pm Was a quick meeting, and I wound up going to Bottle Barn. Getting a Whitehall Lane SB, and some red weirdo blend from I think Paso.  I don’t even know what’s in it, and I love that shit.  I love not knowing, I love being an explorer, a student, the furthest thing from an expert that you can write.

Class is in a little over an hour.  One student wondering what he has in my class and has only emailed me twice the entire however many weeks we’ve been in session.  I don’t blame him.  Honestly this is no way to do an English class, or maybe it is I just know I don’t like it.  I’ll work with him of course, but it’s frustrating.  For both of us.

Barista hour tomorrow… secretly setting alarm for 3-something.  Maybe.  Or, 4.  Well, wait… if I’m a barista it should be 3-something, right?

Hungry.. what should I do.  Probably start writing my EOD, I guess.