After shaving, and a quick shower, dressing in something new, I’m new.

One more cup of coffee.  Short and small lunch of carrots and some other component.  Okay, it’s peanut butter.  I’m back at the keys now and about to get back to the net-casting, looking for more leads.  Tempted to go for a drive as I did yesterday, but won’t.  I’ll be good, I’ll be here, more or less disciplined.

Meeting isn’t until 3:30.  Not sure I want to prospect all the way till then.  Not sure what I want to do with day, with this cup of coffee.  Run was 4 miles.  Haven’t looked at my pace and I don’t really care what it was.  Must have been a touch over nine, or maybe even under.  4 miles today, can I do5 tomorrow sure I can I tell myself maybe that’s hysteria of some level but I don’t care.

1:59 now.. need to write plan for tonight’s class.  Not going to play hooky as I thought I might.

2pm.  Again want a drive.  To where.  Up the road, to the wine shop.. look around see if anything strikes or pulls, plays in brain.

My barista remark this morning, reminding me of me making it. Waking early, and getting to work.  Just writing.  About wine.  Finishing my book in 5 consecutive sittings.  Huh… could I do that?  ‘stemz’, I still want it called.  Ideas stemming from other ideas and interactions, pictures you’ve taken years ago as a wine writer, or person in love with wine and the stories of, in, around.

2:10 Posted to blog.  Now I think a drive should happen.  Like I said, find some new wines to write.  Don’t buy 6 bottles.  Just two… white and red.  SB, Merlot, maybe.  The Petite Sirah from the last two nights still has me in thought, writing, seeing my tasting room and wondering if I want to make Petite Sirah one day, have that on the flight.

Everything stems from and is relevant to the next door, room or outside behind it wine reminds me.  Wine is not wine, it’s not even writing…. Wine is sight, understanding, values and explorations.