11:41. Needing a break.

Slow down a bit.  Gathered some new prospects, first two meetings of the day did not happen.  I need to slow down, something I’m learning.  Already feel the lunch quakes in character core, but I ignore.  I’m running, and I know just the route… mile out, mile back, then another mile out, ‘nother back.  If I hit 4 miles today, I’ll be immensely pleased.

Attitude I’m seeing IS the architecture to a character.  Going to remind students of this again tonight though not too sure how many will hear me, or with how many it’ll land.  I know, needs to land with me especially.  I get it.

This morning and the day so far is all attitude.  Getting into running character.  Last I checked, 64 degrees outside.  Now 66.  Perfect runner’s temp.  The day slows, and I’ll run at an easy pace.  Marathons next year, I wrote in the 1948.  Hoping the first before my birthday.  Maybe I’ll do the Surfer’s Path, Santa Cruz.  The half-marathon I ran of that race still is my favorite story to tell… the rain, lightning, those claps of thunder, and running the whole thing horribly sick.  Ten days before my 40th birthday.