Numbers out, to a number of prospects.

More than merely productive.  3-shot latte this morning after a full tumbler of medium roast or Sumatra, or was it French…

11:03.  Nearly lunch hour already.  I ask self where the morning went but I hate when people say that, especially when it comes from my mouth or mind.  Tonight’s class will be non-existent.  Rather, will just assign some reading, have them email me a reaction no specific length.

Last night while falling into sleep, having trouble with such, thinking about sales and writing, and just being a human being.  We all sell, and are selling.. either to ourselves or some audience, person, target.  Something… right now I’m selling, or you could say I am.  With all this research I’m doing looking for marketing and ad firms, PR offices, graphic design outfits in the city, I don’t know…. It’s not selling, but relaying truth.  Creating… this morning talking with a girl who’s in graphic design and marketing, branding and re-branding (also an idea I’ve toyed with in recent days and this morning while sipping from the tumbler taking kids to zoom school..), now living on the east coast, Florida’s east coast actually, but still having clients out here. She told me about her story, what she likes to work with.  I could tell she doesn’t sell, nor like to press people into hiring her.  Rather, she creates, alongside her clients.

More and more sights of my office form, appear in front of me then vanish as if to antagonize a chase.  Not sure I’m chasing, but acknowledging the road it wants me on.  I need work in more quiet hours, late at night, or earliest of morrows.  Waking early is a challenge for me, older I get.  Not sure why. Well, I do know why… I’m not giving everything I have to the cause.—  I don’t want to phrase it that way and I did, but you know what I mean.

Sitting on couch.  Email from Engineer, revised version of proposal to architect in Berkeley.  Love the idea of building, at my old age.  Like the entrepreneur said in the video I watched the other night….  What do I build, in everything I do, I ask myself… with the kids, this morning, listening to music in the car driving east on Fountaingrove, right now sitting here and just changing Henry… everything is architecture and construction, composition.

Want to shower.  Correct, I still haven’t.  Not sure when the last one was, horribly.  But I don’t want to leave this couch.  I just realized I’m not at the desk, and I feel freer than free.  Want to get back to researching, hunting or farming, writing my prospecting notes from experiences and findings.  Build MY office and business, from that goddamn corner desk, table.  The quarantine corner.

First, find the type of design firms you did yesterday, I tell myself.  Write letters to all of them.  Keep track of prospecting letters, save them… inventory later.  Inventory everything. What you do in each minute.