9:49am Taking notes in several places.

4-shot latte this morning getting into what I need to address.  Just off call with SE’s and a prospect in … where is it?  Berkeley, yes.  Architecture firm no less.  Hoping to land this one, and the account from yesterday, yesterday’s call.

Staying at desk, embracing mess…. I’m not anymore stressed about it.  Re-doing budget, AGAIN, after taking family to dinner last night.  Nothing too pricey, but spent into next week’s cash.  It happens.  I’m a dad, and I want the babies to enjoy their dinner.  Was in class last night and there were no other options… 

Phone quiet.  Thinking off new approaches, one I just scribbles was “Exploratory Chat Ongoing”, a prospecting principle which I’ll note in my EOD and carry to next day.

Need to shower, shave…. Feel like I did when covid just hit.  I’ll do so after lunch hour, whenever I decide that to be. 

Another note…. Momentums are established and maintained….

“Community, PEOPLE, collaborative growth should be the aim, always.”

More creativity and ease in prospecting, my other note to self.  This is a hard time so many say, but is it?  I often forget it’s even happening.  I just want to work, build, keep moving forward and not fixate and obsess over some thing… covid is more than a thing, I know, but it’s not the decider.  I, am.

Too quiet for me.  Time to throw noise to the day, see how it reacts.  It doesn’t matter how it reacts, honestly.  I’m controlling everything from narrative to manuscript mold and weight, pulse and dimension to every minute.  Part of this is me, the other the love from the latte…

So quiet.  Change that, I tell myself.  Even if nothing is happening write something to occurrence… crows outside that won’t shut up.  They offer some voice, some noise, then flee.  Why.  What did I do.

Drink more water today, I note.  See how much I can put away.  This latte will be the last caffeine lap.