…give me that covid bullshit excuse either….  In a mood, so I write it out.  Not sure this will all get to blog, or maybe that’s just what I should do, let everything not so much “out” but develop as ideas an opportunities.

In the house.. needing a drive.  AC just came on so I’m sure it’s hot as shit outside.  Have a call with a lead in ten minutes.  Not at all thrilled about it as I fear the same thing’s going to happen… interest, interest, interest, “Oh, that sounds great!”  And then nothing.  This is just a mood I know but a warranted one… being inn sales.  Frustrations of a sales person, though I don’t want to think of myself as a sales-anything.

On this call, like someone told me a couple months ago, just going o see what they have to say.  I’ll take notes and see where it goes.  Then I’m probably going to get self a sandwich.  And maybe a beer, to be honest.  92 degrees outside.  That’s beer weather, or Rosé or SB weather.  Hate that more and more I look forward to Fridays.  I don’t want to be one of those…