Notes 9/8/20

Refusing to slow.  Kids home with us today, doing their zooms.  Jack in room with me…

Emma happy as ever, no mood or indignation.  Jack not so much the same… constant tech difficulties, sneezing and sniffling, fidgeting.

This is a test for the writer and AE, business chap that I am, or am trying to be.

Have a bit of a carefree disposition, and it’s helping.  Not just with mental health but production.

Just did call with Mark the Director.  Always feel not so much better after speaking to him, but relaxed… like, “Don’t worry so much!” vibe about my character and its brain rays.


8:56am – Want a latte.  I deserve one, right?

Want to follow up with last week’s prospects but don’t want to be too aggressive.  And, it’s only 8:59.  Yes, go get a latte, I tell myself.

9:45am – After the longest line ever, I’m back in the chair.  Latte, help me….

It is.  Emma in the other room, so happy.  I take her voice and vibe and vibrant tide and place it immediately in my character.

Student texts me and reminds me there is no class tonight.  THANK THE GENROUES AND KIND CRAFT….  This more than makes my day, takes that angst I felt earlier and transforms it into something for delivery through the semester.

Emailed prospects, some follow-ups.  No quiet.  Today has been quiet so far, even on the company chat channels over Teams.

11:13 – Day starts to heat up a bit.  Billing questions, then prospects telling me they need to wait for decision maker to return from vacation or whatever…. Call with my Sales Engineer, telling me he had to drive out to Sebastopol and I feeling immediate jealousy with the drive.  Not even noon and I’m with the fever of cabin.  At least no class tonight…

Emma making loud noises in kitchen, Jackie asking me how to spell Christmas…

Need a snack or something.  Air.  Can snack on air.  Getting out of this house and going for a drive.  Can do that now but that’s what I see… driving down Highway 1 to wherever, or up 1.

Client with a billing question that I can’t answer, stressing me out and I’m not sure why….

Sparkling water.  Break.  Time for me.  Time for notes.  This screen looking back and me and my own words and I having a discussion, meeting. What to do next… what’s the architecture for, OF, the rest of the day?

Latte dead.  Not one sip.

Back to prospecting….  In Marin, and a little Petaluma.

12:25.  Didn’t have much of a lunch, just a short sequence of snacks.  Sent off contract to a pretty sizeable prospect in SF.  Now, the waiting.  But, I choose not to.  Back to prospecting.  Having too much fun looking at all these architecture and design-build and custom homes companies.

Our next house…. Modern in architectural visual and placement.  Looking at some homes now, taking I guess another break you could say.  Pacific Grove, Healdsburg, Petaluma.