Taking break.  Writing for self.  Day started sluggish and slow but now I have a speed and momentum of recover that even I’m surprised by.

Wine last night, the Hess Cabernet, definitely and improvement in what I’ve been meeting wine-wise, but nothing of monumental note.  Not sure what it is, but wine and I are not communicating.  Certainly no fondness for the other at the moment.  I’ll write my way though it, or with it.  Use it as comedy.  I write about wine but don’t give a shit, or can’t get into it.  Wine, I mean.

Lots of leads, just a matter of chasing them down.  Tonight, cleaning both laptops, everything.

Maybe I should do the bike, for 30 minutes.  Just a high-intensity cycle, some music, new music…. maybe.

Emma in the office with me, on couch and doing some learning program on a tablet.

Want a sparkling water.  That 4-shot latte was fucking strong.  Feel like I want to fight someone.  Like I want to see if I can punch through the trunk of a redwood.

Day 3 of my 365 effort, or latest one.  Want it to be a year-long epic.  More than a poem, more than a narrative, more than even a simple story, but….. something that changes everything.

Oh my god…. Look how fast I’m typing.  Yes, I need water.  A sparkling.  Emma will want some.  “Daddy water” she calls it.  Well, I’l just say no.  Making parenting part of my 365, more time with kids.  Allow and invite and encourage distraction.

10:49 – Emailed students their syllabus.  Need to shoot some videos now.  When and where and how can I find time.  Idea…. Park down street by vineyard, use that as shoot spot.  What you have to do in these covid days.