2:43 – Home with Emma, alone, going in an out of AE mode.

Back from store where I bought some stuff for kids, and in whim a stainless Chardonnay, see if that does anything to this wine stall I find myself in.

Notes for semester, all on writing and reading, recording everything which I myself need more practice.  But I see myself getting better, becoming more devout and diligent in recording even what most would disregard as boring or excessively commonplace…. Emma again wanting to watch the newer Bugs Bunny cartoons with their for her over the head humor, on my Sonic cell phone.

Work laptop open, so I can be connected, somewhat.  Looking for conversations today, and finding them, today.  For remainder of day I’ll be in business search mode… finding these marketing firms lately and seeing my operations at the wine shop, or “quarter” as I say, operating in similar ways.

Relaxed.  More than just rising above certain grounds and turns, but adjusting perspective at will.  Think tomorrow will be it, the morning… the one I wake at 4am, and do so indefinitely from then.  I’ll write for a bit, then go run at 5, then come home and write more.  Finish this stemz book before September 1st.  Have more than enough time.  I’ll finish it, give it away, have it be the premise and a dominant dimension to the wine quarter’s thesis.

If I’m waking at 4, then early bed is demanded, quite obvious.  Al need be accelerated.  The story of a writer should never be an easy one, or one painless.  I’ve stressed this to student over several sections and campuses but never really understood or held my own words with adequate adoration.

And waking that early, is anything but painless.  Good… need be more uncomfortable, more confined, need a spot and mentality from which to diaristically self-free.  4am, harnessed.