Afraid of certain things, certain interactions, spaces, but why.

In office.  Part of me wants to leave, go get lunch, then the other orders STAY.

11:57 and still in office.

May head home for lunch in a bit, or stay here and write, eat later.  Imagining myself to Spain, or Portugal, to write.

Finish #prospectesk site, TONIGHT.

Honestly, what the fuck am I doing trying to be a website designer?  I mean, am I serious or was I serious with this?  Talk about a total waste of time… literally throwing time off a cliff, or into some sewer trench.


2:22pm Home, ate lunch but still hungry.  Craving a sparkling water but don’t have any in house.  Certain thoughts disrupting my production but I allow such, I know.

Hot here in the quarantine corner.  What’s the temp outside?


Too hot to run, and can’t anyway ‘cause I’m watching Emma.  Bored of looking for IT partners or “vendors” as some call them. Tired from waking so early and heading to office for leads meeting.

Not sure I want to switch chapters…. Maybe just stay put for a bit, ‘cause when covid gets cured or goes away or whatever, I’m going to have to drive down to SF.  Once a week. Not sure I want to do that.

Changing my mind on the web design idea, after figuring out how to do something.  Will finish a sample site tonight, the one I mentioned above, then wade into the blogs and submerge self with ravenous creative urge.