4.4-something mile run, I think.  

More than yesterday when I only hit three.  I’ll just keep getting out there, I said to my self before leaving the house and taking the first few steps.

Two contracts landing today. Over 100% for month, and I expect one more to land before EOD.  This, is what I want.  THIS, covid or no, is what I expect.  How do I amplify and replicate and further actuate in this actions.

Partnerships, conversations… collaboration.  I’m learning as well that each day has to be mapped.  All hours.  Everything.  Lunches, breaks, if you run or workout, prospecting, thinking…. Taking notes… everything.  Of course there is room for a little modification, but not excess.

Rest of my day…. 3-3:30, LinkedIn writing and marketing, conversations, prospecting.  3:30-4:00, canvassing.  4:00-4:15, AE notes.  4:15-4:45, business search.  4:45-5:00, EOD.  5:00-6:00, shopping and getting Jack…. Later—which is difficult to set into time brackets, with the kids and bedtime and dinner of course—writing.  Right here.  On blog.

For my AE story.  New momentum and hunger about me.  If I can wake early tomorrow I can put into place some marketing efforts for the day and couple days after that.

Receiving congratulations for contracts, which I appreciate, but I won’t celebrate.  Have to replicate this… utilize partnerships.  Put MYSELF as a telecom guy out there.  Never thought I’d see myself that way, or write about Mike Madigan as a telecommunications guy, or professional….  More ideas bubble.

Garbage truck outside.  Metaphor obvious, again, and remembering from my run one word… Attitude.  And what Roger the insurance guy said all those years ago that my attitude is my biggest problem.  On the run a couple hours ago I though, what if someone could turn it around, reverse it, in total.  Even when challenged or brought down momentarily.  This attitude and optimism I now feel, in each talk and tell and tier of my spirit… fight to keep it I tell myself and don’t let anyone or anything sever this invaluable stride.  


We should all do that.  And if you do, more than you already have practiced.