In Sonic office this morning.  Came here since I had to present in my leads group.  Talked from the Plath of quote of I AM.  Took some notes, and I did well I think.  Have a zoom meeting at ten, will stay here for that as well.  Then 11.  Then heading back to home office.

Went to bed early last night, before 10.  Beyond grateful to self for making self do so.  MY own gyre, as a result.  Remember waking at 12:30-something and being a bit confused, thinking to self, “I have that much more time to sleep?” Did, fell asleep till 4-something, then woke at 5:40 precisely if I remember right.

When I arrived here, no lights.  Had to look for them.  Once found, I turned on the sets closes to where I sit, this little cube next to the large meeting room they call Rivendale I believe.

Sipping my second cup of Sonic coffee.  Have to get to bed early again tonight.  Today I can already feel is going to catapult me closer to my own office and new business scenes and rooms.

9 days left in month.  More than enough to make quota, and more than enough already out contract wise.  Much better month.  I know we’re in a pandemic, but I still want to produce.  It’s what I want for me and my business, my family and collective set of possibilities.

Messages coming in, ideas pummeling me faster than I can record them.  Singularize and deconstruct it down to Mike Madigan.  Me, the AE… and About Everything that is Mike Madigan.  How I’m reasoning this morning, how I’m approaching projects.

Zoom call in 32 minutes.  When back home planning on hitting some other projects, run as well…  Thinking of this building as my own, where Bottledaux is based.  Many would expect me to have some big office in a corner but I’m here, navigating as I will… closer to a seen picture, scape and stage, reality.

Total and invulnerable happiness, precise quietude, is the apex of aims.  Realizing that this morning after my ‘I AM’ talk.  Waiting still to see if I’ll be at SRJC in Fall, vitually.  Need to find time tonight to sit down and center on the Design projects approaching, the copywriting and marketing client I landed.  Everything.  Well, tomorrow morning.  That would be better.  Going to sleep earlier as I did last night taught me so much about what I’ve been doing wrong, frankly, regarding time management, project management, business and other production brushes.

9:40 Focring self not to think just move and write, get self to the office and finished book on wine and business and running and whatever else… the book on writing, freewriting.  How can you write if it’s not liberating?  Not going to understand don’t have time to.


Tomorrow, up at 4.  Or maybe even before.  Write, run later.  Early hours should be for writing, not running I’m not committing.

Second cup done already.  Wow, may need more.  Right before call.  Eager to be back in home office, honestly.  Be in my base, my chair, even looking forward to the quarantine view, and intermittent interference from my little daughter… Why is that?

Don’t have time to note or figure out why, and that’s the thinking that’s unneeded and detracts from pages, production, actually writing.

Hear a couple guys talking, behind me.  Reminds me to market more of ME.  Where I am and what I’m doing.  The Now, yes, but the character in that Now, in that room and on that page.

This office, giving me MY office, my company… quiet again.  Waiting….