Desperate for a new story, a new Now.

Find self getting tired of the repeat, and this covid cloud has only made that more felt, the repetition, the revolving reel and reality.

I’ve proclaimed that I’ll do everything different before, several times.  But today I inventory and report on the contrasting actions.

1 – No latte this morning.  This isn’t exactly new as I haven’t had one in a few days, but still, for the start of the week….

Following up on some leads, later today.

Reminder goes off on Outlook cal, about call in 15 mins.  Make another coffee, single cup.  Only second of the day.  Topping at three for morning, and only allowing one emergency cup in afternoon.  Water after that, sparkling or still.

Tonight, bed time for me will be same as kids.  That and everything today for tomorrow’s 4am alarm.  I’m declaring war, sort of, on that time.  On me for my late wakes and inability to give self extra time for creative, for writing, for getting into AE character before any of the other AEs.

Second cup made.  7 minutes till call.  Speaking of calls, call more businesses today.  Keep track. Keep intimate inventory of who you call and the outcome.  Looking through AE notebook… businesses I listed.  Already have a leg… good.  Great, actually.