Home.  Had lunch.  Finally shaved.  And then, the day slows.  For a bit there is was impressively sped, even a bit erratic.

No run.  Promising self that tomorrow I start a practice, a maintained consistency of hitting pavement early.

Emma orders me away from desk, tells me I need to work upstairs.  As I head upstairs she goes back outside.  So here I am in her room, typing by myself.  I hear her come back inside, then go back out to talk to her mother.

When at the office this morning, wrote “All books under 199pgs, title always one word”.  Have thought about nothing since.  Even when ordering sandwiches at Oliver’s I was so distracted that I didn’t hear the man call me to the display case counter, and when I did connect and tried to answer his question of how he could help I said “199”, or half of it, like “one-ni–“.  Still thinking about it, like it’s this treasure map, or map I accidentally discovered in the attic, or in some book I bought at a used book store.

Emma finally up here with me and she pretends.  Pretends everything.  Plays with dolls and stuffed animals, makes them talk and ask questions, she rearranges pillows for them, makes them homes or condos with the pillows…. “Mickey-Boy!” she says, then introduces Mr. Mouse to a blanket-bound elephant.  The elephant lives under the blanket I guess, by Emma’s pillow, bed’s board.

Books on…









Jack Kerouac

Sylvia Plath


If I follow this plan, what will it do.  Certainly provide more linearity, more certainty, possibly.

I start to feel tired and nap-needy, even after the last sip from the coffee.  Going to play and talk with Emma.. that’ll wake me up.

I ask Emma if I can play, and she said with obvious objection and opposition and even grievance NOOOOOOOO…. “Do your work.” She orders.  I don’t want to, honestly.

“We’re moving, to different places… to a different house.” One of her animals says to the other.  I try to uncover a plot but can’t.  Look up and they’re all stacked, atop the other and form what reminds me of the Leaning Tower.  Emma goes over to talk to them, make sure they’re okay.

Tired and it’s beginning to interfere with my functioning.  Tell Emma it’s uncomfortable sitting on the ground.  She doesn’t respond, and I don’t think she’s too interested in my thoughts on the workspace accommodations of her room.  She goes back to playing, and more conversations are heard.

Some neighbor plays 80s hairband music.  Annoying, raspy, light, treble-drive annoyance.  MUSIC…

3:39pm Back in chair, and I can’t stop yawning.  Emma in her room requesting to watch Bugs Bunny on my phone, a little tradition with us and more evidence of my inability to say no to her.  Both of us downstairs now.  Another yawn…  Goddamnit, STOP. I tell myself but they keep coming.

No contracts in today, but they’re not far off.  Another prospect asking me what the next steps are.  I basically said I send you a contract you sign it and return.  Think I’m a little too lenient when it comes to contracts, waiting for people to sign and submit.  Something to think about over the weekend, while in the Caddis tasting room waiting for people to come by, sit outside, have some vino.

After 4, and ready for the day to end.  Well, not the day itself but this parcel of it.  Finish that draft for client, the start on designing sample site.  Or whatever happens.  Waiting for Bill, the winemaker delivering his bottles, case I ordered.  Giving two to my Sales Engineer, and maybe a couple, or one, to my buddy Drew from Westwood.