img_69184:21 – Most of day spent connecting, starting new conversations and planning for next week.  The week that starts the second half of 2020, you could say.  Or I do.  My AE approach now, utterly different. I do expect one or two small contracts to come by next Friday.

Committing to waking earlier.  Making it integral, expected.  Wake at 5, be at keyboard by 5:15 at latest.  Make coffee the night before.  Plan every day, days before it lands.

Walking around a car lot looking at potential new vessels I thought again of business, sales, and how both ought be studied more closely, I wrote in a note to self.

What do I write about, the only thing…. the AE story.  You could say sales, but I’m not suing that word.  And when I “sell” I don’t sell.  I certainly don’t pitch.  It returns to hospitality, and even more essential and functional my teaching side.  Me as the adjunct English Instructor at class’ front exchanging ideas with students on writing, life, making your own narrative present and believable, connective… keeping the pen moving tirelessly.  Same with my Account Executive echo… involving and About EVERYTHING.

You hear Account Executive, you see something.  If you are an AE, you write it however you want, but you need love your beat and keep it in a tireless forward, writing everything seen, heard, felt.