1 hour on bike, higher intensity than the other times.  My legs feel’s though they aren’t there.  About to get iced coffee.

Budget first, then tending to blogs throughout day.  More notes for Monday, attacking this AE story with a different personalization and talk, language…way and walk.  Everything in it, contrasted with the before.

I do expect contracts to come in this week, but NOT depending on them.  NEW business is the aim, always.

Selling MY immediacy and thoughts, building community and not just for sake of transacting.

Tired from workout, nearly tempted to go back to bed, but no.


Mike turns to his journal, couple notes.  The next week couldn’t get here quick enough.  He wanted to sell.  He wanted to take his revenge for last month, his first ever since joining the Enterprise team.  Start by waking early, he ordered himself.  5am, or earlier.  Start with emails.  Quick notes.  Lists of calls to make…