8.54 miles to start day.  Only comment, lower back, as always.  And, more creativity with route.  For next time.

Sipping my latte and deep into my Sonic strut.  Going to do find something today… something.  A lead, an invitation, conversation, something.  Going to market my notes more… my ideas.  Yesterday, said to self… ten notes published, everyday.

Just posted one.  Said to my daughter, without even really noticing me saying it, “Today’s the day, Emma.”  Day for what, I wondered.  Maybe I don’t need to know.  The day to change this… to more use THIS, this thing, the covid thing…. This quarantine corner, the new journal (even though it should be done by now).

I’m not leaving this chair, except to use the restroom or get water or coffee.

Hoped last night, nearly praying which I don’t do, that I wake early and if I do then I would run.  I did, Jackie waking early and making noise in his room me asking him to be quiet but then thinking to myself this is it this it it…..