The kids are not afraid to guess, answer, speak out….  We all need to do that.  We all need be more childlike in our narration, our sales and marketing motions.

Writing more notes and poems and poem-notes…. Need to get outside regularity, as these are entirely irregular times and days, and operational consistencies.

Contacting old leads and contacts.  Something in mind, something I wrote down but won’t here note.

Opened blinds. Hungry.  May go to Starbucks, get one of those breakfast sandwiches.  Or a Strawberry frappuccino… don’t know, and I’m tired of writing about this.  Reading Alchemist, and how the boy sells the wool.  He doesn’t pitch, or speak, he just presents his “product”, and is asked to come back.  This reminds me to work less, to focus on the learning and the growth.  More travel, more journey….