Contemplate a new slate on this new date, a true taste of reality.  Difficult to translate, so I wait….

In the chair committed to production and never-before-tried side of self-induction.  Not overcomplicating what I need do in a day, today or other… resituate my one rudder.

Noting musings in the moment, with no objective.  Nothing about me a the moment selective.

Feeling like I didn’t sleep enough last night.  So I assign a new beat, to this instrumental currently playing, know what it’s saying I should be stating.  Constant production and ease on self a little.  The time is different, and I can only produce so much from a chair, from a corner in this downstairs office.  Worried about numbers, reactions and responses to what I put on board.  Wish I could hurry things, wish I could get past all this, that we all could.

Just sip your coffee, think about nothing.  Thinking is often the problem.  And it’s only 9:18.  Long day ahead of self.  Made list of ideas for day… stick to that.  Jotted them down during leads group meeting.  First item, emailing… start there.  Then more searching, creative research… make this about you, the Self tells self.  Not about any tech, or provisions.  Just me, my ideas…. #pozvibez, #amtheyaysay… others written down just now.

Messaged someone in Marketing Department, wishing them a good day.  Helping daughter with one of her little learning games just a few minutes ago.. how do I want my only daughter to see her daddy….?  Like this… working writing true to self… in PRODUCTION.

Writing self to 100+% of quota this month.  Write it so, starting with emails.

Friend I messaged challenged me to an 8.46 mile run.  He’s already logged that for day.  Spilling out rest of coffee, switching to sparkling water.  Today is going to be musical, ambient a LoFi beat like the one playing.  I write better to music, always… an instrumental like this.  More music in my life, in everything.  Can’t listen to it when I run as I prefer run light, but songs in my head playing always.

My little girl in office now, on couch, play her game.  Thinking about her, with everything, when I run… when I write, when I do my “job”.  I’ll hit 8.5 miles today, easy, thinking of her.