1:54: Back from Sonoma visit.

Can’t remember last time I was in the town.  Visit quite brief, picking up these little breakfast treats for kids and going to Square.  Looked around in this wine shop wing of this story at which we stopped.  Planning two wines for tonight, one I’ll open around 3pm, a bit over an hour from now, to sip slow in back yard, or on patio.

Walking around the square with babies chasing them as they wanted to climb every tree they could and play tag with me encouraging me to chase them, seeing if I could catch them with a three to five second head-start, I thought of making June a test month.  See how many of the days of the month I can wake at 4am, run, write… finish a book on either running, sales, wine, anything singular.  Thinking it’s going to be running… make June the month I’ve run the most EVER in my life.

Setting alarm for 4am.  Will sleep in running gear… starting a story of runner devoutness, more than discipline…  Want to overcome my fear of running when it’s dark, like at 4am

Jack calls for me to work next to him as we did yesterday.  Will in a sec, log what I’ve eaten so far today… breakfast sandwich from Starbucks which was free surprisingly and a 3-shot latte.  Then just had the rest of my salad from last night.  Need to log what I eat, more…. Sipping a beer only after Melissa coerced me not to go for a run, as it’s Sunday Funday as she exclaimed.  Made me miss my Lancaster Ladies.

Jack sends me a message on LinkedIn (Did I tell you he somehow made himself a profile?), telling me to come work next to him.  His intelligence is daunting, frankly.  Will bring the new Dad laptop to kitchen, look through past photos on camera, and phone.  So excited with this new laptop… Bottledaux, the business, the startup, the culture and brand and movement, will start from its keys.