Last day of May. In office. Cleaning, finally.

Kids playing with these mock-gem/rocks Mom gave me to give them.  Office, prepping for the week, my only aim for day.

Don’t really plan to write that much beyond this sitting.

No spending day, fasting till past lunch….  Run later.  More weights.  Order birthday present, finally.  Would be the only spend on day… weights, new running shoes.

Read Coelho, take notes on all paragraphs, lines.  FILL THE JOURNAL, as I tell students semester to semester.

Will go through camera as well.. where is it.  This office is too small, and not working at the moment.  No need to calm, just need sight, better measurement and temperament.

Jack watching a Bugs Bunny cartoon in the kitchen on his laptop…. Getting into and under my skin.  Get into the field, this week.  You have to.  Just walk around.  No intention of selling, just people seeing me.  Schedule open for the most part, tomorrow.  Shouldn’t be a problem.

Add to wine blog shop…..  Aim is 5 posts for day, and two re-posts.  Just did one.

Kids going nuts, crazy, upstairs watching the astronauts, or Melissa trying to get them to watch but from what I can hear Emma has no interest, in any regard… told to go to her room but she comes down here.  Already, a day.