Coffey Park, Santa Rosa, CA.


Starting day off with some emails then into the prospecting pulse.  Have a proposal to get out to a new lead, then a call with another.  But today, like many since SIP was instituted, looking for new business.  Starting in San Rafael, the reaching north to Novato, and down to South Marin and over to Berkeley.  Already have quite a bit to do when finally out in the street again.  No harm in adding…

Budgeting done.  Finances are more than strong, thankful and blissful to here state on page.  Going to tend to some leads on South McDowell in a minute.  Director emailing me this morning and saying that he likes the re-defining of AE as About Everything progression.

Going to work on quote for prospect, and just look everywhere I can for conversations.  This covid case of things is like how it was when beginning as an AAE, learning everything… what my beat would be, how prospecting business in telecom is different than anything else I’ve done.

9:35, and both kids are in full loon mode and cloud.  Need more coffee.. Jack going to work with Melissa, she needing to do some things to her classroom and I believe do her zoom meeting from their with her students.  Leaving me here with my sweet little Emmie.  Hoping she’ll just play in her room, where I’ll be able to work maybe and just enjoy some less upheaval time with her.

Still haven’t sent out proposal.  Will finish that now before anything else.  Need at least one more sale before month is done.  Already over 100% of quota, but my quota is low and frankly I want it to be higher, so I set it higher for myself.  Rather than what it is, I more than triple it in my head.  What I want to do… I set the quota for the POZ Agency.  No other voices or arms.