Rain, meditation.

It’s off and on, the drops, and me on couch, slowly remembering thoughts from the 8.52 today ran. Seeing how delicate all this is…. life, and how I should just play more, like my babies. Jackie’s new remote control car that I bought him arriving today. Some say I buy them too much, but such opinion so obvious in its sourness and negative edge and ebb. He wanted me to race against him, have a bit of a derby inside the house here in this living room with one of the cars my parents bought him… the more formidable green one with the toothed wheels. We played for some time before playing video games for a bit, and Jackie again asking me when we’re going to have our own office. Raining falling harder now, some intention and tension to its descent, as if to agree with Jackie and ask me, “So when is that gonna be?”