For final class tonight, just a check-in.  Yesterday’s Zoom put me back in the classroom, moving quickly and wanting to share ideas.. then thought of how I can connect that to what I do for Sonic and what I’m building with Bottledaux as a result of Sonic and what it’s shown me with prospecting results and activity.

Been in the chair since I believe a couple minutes before 7.  On second cup of coffee made from Keurig… and I’m not stopping.  Too much to I want to do, especially with prospecting.  Finding new business.  Everyone says it’s so hard during this covid time, and it is, but starting conversation which can later turn into leads is NOT.  That’s what today is… the day of conversation, saying hi… starting a “connection” with a convivial greeting.

Kids playing a game, but that will change when Mama gets downstairs.  Can’t wait to see their reaction.  Reading how many around the country are going back to work, and how some are feeling anxiety about such… I can’t wait, honestly.  You’ve been reading that a lot in this new journal I know but I have to say it again.  More so for myself.

Sales Engineer out sick, so a lot falling on me.  Not feeling the fear or even terror of talking tech that I would have when I started with the Enterprise B2B faction at Sonic.

Not going to spend much time writing here, too much I want to get to, especially prospecting and building my book, my story…. I’m seeing ‘B-ex’ as I noted it a second ago in my head as a tech startup, and all from words, from a blog, from community and conversation… today is something that has never happened before, I am feeling just that.. that one awesome day that I hoped for over and over and over when I was at that shitty small marketing firm in downtown Napa, I’m remembering late 2011, is now here.

8:01am – Sun more apparent, pushing aside whatever clouds remain.  The day is moving quick already.  Work.. but when you are connected and more than loving and have that written intimacy with what you do, it’s not work but creative.  YOUR creative.  A story you are writing.  Puts my thoughts in the wine shop, and how I’m going to get that off the ground.  Don’t have time at this point in day to be in the shop.  Precisely why I need to wake earlier.

Kids still playing, me looking for a note in one of my journals, the work notes I take on and for calls…  Found note.  Time closing in on call.  Should be an interesting call, teaching me about a different product Sonic offers in an area I never prospect of even lightly comb for new business.  Desk already a mess, like I’ve been here all day, working since 4am the hour I wish I could bring myself to be in the chair.

Will be ordering some new wines, research for the shop, and to write about, for new posts for bottles I would promulgate and speak at the store.  Will move some money around to secure the bottles I’ve selected for research.  Not before mapping it out.. and this is all under the B-ex umbrella and scope, sight and definite being, definite plan.