Lunch.  Seems like I’ve been writing a lot about lunch deliberation during quarantine.

Kids playing.  What, with the rest of the day. No exhaustion from run.  Not too excited about my pace, but I’ll take it, parlay it into tomorrow’s run somehow.  Only 4 miles.  Then 5 on Tuesday.  Not sure about rest of week.  I do plan on running through Friday, which makes it a six day run-week.

My winery… label.  Don’t really want a winery as most think of “winery”.  In fact I don’t at all.  Just a label… and a Room somewhere.


Thinking more about writing, and writing about it.  “Teaching” students how to write when I have trouble singularizing and find and formidable frame in which I can creative and mold manuscripts as I need.  Not sure if this is a quarantine realization, or what.  Kids are playing a game in the other room.  At desk… seeing the students over Zoom this morning makes me miss them before they’re technically gone. Need to focus on online efforts more.  Teaching… but teaching what.  Or maybe not teach, but have spaces for writers…