5/9/20, Saturday. Coffey Park, Santa Rosa, CA.

Not sure why I feel the need to put the location.  You know where I am.  But I need to do it more. Need to note the place, the Room… the everything in my now.

My thoughts this morning revolve around running, a video I watched last night of a young girl, on YourTube, documenting her intentions and actual motion to wake up at 5 I believe and go run.  The first morning, no run.  But the second, she launched, recording everything on her phone from actually rising from bed, look at self in the morning mirror, to waiting for a semi to pass on the road.  It was about accountability, she noted.  That’s why she was doing it.  Today, I the same do.

Latte for me, blueberry scone for Melissa.  Jackie sings some song about the letter S in the kitchen.  A bit annoying, but I let it ride.. study his passion and fondness for music.

Then quiet.

Then ‘T’….  Water after the latte.  Not sparkling, just still water and ice.  May fit in a run today, at some point since it’s not a workday, technically.  Can hear Jack’s music from his headphones, and me now blanking, not able to see a single sentence in my witchy mind.

Some notes this morning on the kids, how needy and wanting of her daddy Emma was, and how Jack was just in a humorous mode of invincibility… no matter how much I mentioned consequences he seemed impervious to my implications and insistence of behavior.

Added some words to the note I started yesterday, about being in the same room day to day and how perspective doesn’t have to be any one thing.  That we allow our attitude.

Jack now on the letter Y, the tune like some jazz hands and hips track.  Jack sings along to what he can remember.

Me, sip latte, review notes from this morning, all focused on kids.  Noted a sweetness to their neediness and crazed ways.