So busy today with pricing and contracts, vendors and partners and contacts….  Cleaning ladies working around me.  So thankful for them, them being here.

3:02pm.  Meeting over, and now going over my production for the day.  Didn’t do much prospecting, as I had current leads to address, the contract to send out and the call with my SE…  After the virtual meeting with Dane, Sonic’s CEO, I’m thinking about what I would do, would have done, had this been my company with everything going on.  He’s done well, better than well.  The generosity and punctuation of community in everything he does, that every does at Sonic, answers many questions for me in building my business, businesses.

Kids get home, with milkshakes.  They’re excited with shiny visual of our home.  “Let’s go see our rooms!” Jack says to Emma.

Bottledaux, starting here… connectedness and composition of expression.  Knowing Now… FREED.  Too hot to run, so I’m staying in here while this fly buzzes around me, seemingly angrily, like he wants to taunt me.