There are new ideas and connections, connectedness quite loud in everything around and with me.  From the contract that came in today, to my jots on Sonic…. This journal, that one… the AE story, prospecting.  Think I see something, and all thanks to this quarantine.

Beer, Little Sumpin’…. I’m celebrating, not just the contract, in fact not the contract at all really, but new scope and sensibility.  Everything is brought back to me, from a “branding” or narration standpoint, I reason.  It’s not conceitedness, or vanity, but coherence and kind vivacity.

Seeing all these posts on how troubling and trying it is working at home with kids… it is, to a degree, but I feel Jack and Emma only encourage my agency, my business… and like that, just writing that, another idea materializes and briefs me on newly noted and to-be-noted possibilities.